We provide CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS of official and legal documents, e.g.
» certificates of any kind: Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death;
» school documents: certificates, school reports, apprenticeship certificates;
» car documents: vehicle registration documents, property deeds, purchase agreements, assignment;
» notarial deeds, powers of attorney;
» police and court documents: depositions, judgments;
» commercial documents: contracts, reports;
» accounting and tax documents: company balance sheets , tax reports,
» insurance documents: policies, certificates
» medical documentation: case histories, tests results and descriptions of research, letters, medical certificates

We guarantee that the translations are carried out exclusively by certified translators holding licence to perform the job, who have been entered on the updated list of translators included in the list of certified translators of the Ministry of Justice.

We also offer STANDARD TRANSLATIONS, translating among others:
» business correspondence, and private letters
» Web Sites
» promotional materials
» CV and covering letters
» literary works, abstracts of theses

We provide specialist translations including professional terminology, typical for different fields of science, technology and economy. This type of translation we often verify with a specialist in a particular field (e.g. doctor, lawyer).

We also offer INTERPRETING services during meetings, which require the presence of a sworn translator (wedding ceremonies, signing notarial contracts) and ordinary (business meetings).

As part of ongoing cooperation we offer favourable pricing conditions
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